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Converting Content Calendar


The Ultimate Attraction Marketing Guide.

+ Instagram Stories training

+ Instagram Reels training

If you’re a service provider, coach, personal brand, course creator, network marketer who wants to easily get organic traffic into your funnel in a way that is designed to convert, this calendar is for you. You want more, new people seeing your offers every day, for free, that are ready to buy from you. This happens when you have authority and credibility in your industry and you lead with value. To do this, you have to get visible. 

This customize-able content calendar makes it easy for you. You want to feel confident on camera, knowing exactly what to say to book out your sales calls, get people to opt in and really get to know you, love you, trust you and be happy to buy from you. You’re ready to show up, but you struggle with knowing what to say, what to talk about every day, what to share, who is going to be seeing it and stuck wondering if the effort will actually get you results. 

Well, showing up on video consistently and in authority with the right amount of personality and life shares, is exactly what gets you results. MUCH faster than just written posts. This is the ultimate attraction marketing guide to help you get real results from your social media efforts. 

  • An editable google sheet content calendar of over 250 days of exactly what to talk about
  • The Magic 3-2-1 Formula for the Ultimate Attraction Marketing that you can effortlessly work into your customized calendar 
  • This content calendar system is designed specifically to attract your ideal clients to your business, just by being you and leading with value. But it can freaking hard to come up with all these ideas and prompts on your own, so they’re all provided here for you. 
  • I’ll give you the exact steps of how much personal life to share, how much “teaching” content, what stories you need to talk about and you can do these pre-recorded OR on live video and I’ll help you figure out which option is best for you. 
  • Open up this custom content calendar each day so you have something concrete to focus on and not feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels trying to figure out what the next big thing is you’re supposed to be doing. Just show up, follow the system, be you and share value.