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This is the best way to shortcut the learning curve into personal growth. To start feeling more joyful and in control of your life. Things no longer just "happen" to you, you become free to choose what your outcome is going to look like. 


This is what it means to "do the inner work"

You've scrolled instagram enough and are ready to FINALLY, ACTUALLY experience that self-love, purpose driven, soulful life and you want the real, tangible, practical, right blend of strategic and "woo" way to get there.

Clear Direction

You know you want personal growth so you can start feeling better in your daily life and actually DO the things you've spent so much time dreaming about. But you have no idea where to start. This is it.

No More Guessing, No More Doing it Alone

When we're sitting in our pain, our struggle and fog, it can be incredibly tough to imagine going to the gym, getting a different relationship or job, planning that big trip you've always wanted to go on. You're not alone anymore and you can do this. 

Everything, All in One Place

This comprehensive program really is everything you need to get started on your journey. This is your health, your happiness, your future, your life - it cannot be put off anymore. This is where to start.

Ready to FEEL FREE

Everyone's talking about mindset and personal development - but what does that all really mean?? And there are like 30,000 books out there to read - what do I do - where do I start??

If you're asking yourself those questions, this is exactly the course for you. I made this during my self-discovery and it set me free. Free from old habits, limitations, old thinking patterns and old beliefs that kept me stuck, unhealthy, in pain and angry. 

These are the exact steps I took to set myself free. 

to lose 40 pounds

to re-ignite my marriage

to finally love myself

to finally go after my dreams and set real goals

to finally, truly, as an adult - allow myself to BE ME


Here's What You'll Learn

WEEK 1: Dig deep into Know Thyself, understanding your paradigm and how to shift it. This is creating the foundation of understanding our current holds and then how to break through them. 

WEEK 2: We dive into Mindset, how to actually change it, how to work with our subconscious mind to help us and how to make new behaviors our natural habits. We also work through lots of healing old hurts, anxiety, worry and tapping.

WEEK 3: This week is all about empowerment! Gaining confidence, health, nutrition, special bonus yoga lesson, NLP and getting real with self-talk.

WEEK 4: Getting to the nitty gritty now. We work through out time management, goal setting the right way, budgets, decision making and procrastination. 

WEEK 5: Deep Internal Exploration. Connecting to your creative and spiritual side. Master manifesting and live truthfully.  

WEEK 6: We really expand beyond ourselves in week 6 as we deal with more healing, forgiveness, expectations, relationships and reflect on how far we've come! 



The Empowered Life Formula is designed as a Six Week Self-Paced Online Course. You have lifetime access to this course, so you can truly take it as quickly or slowly as you would like. You can binge it like Netflix or spread it out and do 2-3 lessons a week.

There are 5-8 videos per week each about 5-20 minutes in length. I created it in a way to be consumed as easily as possible while remaining incredibly effective with action steps for you to take.

I suggest doing your bonus Mindset Reset course daily meditation or journaling exercise first thing, as your "warm up" for your daily video lesson.

Don't worry, I will walk you through everything, each step of the way as we go!

Join The Empowered Life Formula To Start Changing Your Life Today

See Exactly What This Self-Guided Course Looks Like

You Have Life Time Access To This Self Paced Program And Can Work Through It On Your Own Time And Schedule.

Each Day Will Have a Video Lesson

Some Days Will Have Accompanying Downloads and Links - This is What It Looks Like:

Here Is Everything That Is Included

I Want You To Feel 100% Confident and Comfortable With Your Purchase. This is an important commitment you're making to yourself.

Your Investment is backed by my 30 day money back guarantee. I don't want unhappy clients. I absolutely think you'll love it, but if you don't, just email me at [email protected] The only thing you have to lose is more mediocre years on repeat. And that's sounds pretty good if you ask me ;)


When you join The Empowered Life Formula, you will also receive the MINDSET RESET program as a FREE BONUS!

With 22 guided meditation sessions designed specifically to teach you different styles so you can effortlessly grow your confidence with meditating.

AND 22 written lessons with easy, quick steps to actually change the way your subconscious mind behaves so that these new changes will become you default. DON'T MISS THIS.


Don't Miss Out On the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Mindset Reset Program quite literally rewires your brains pattern of thinking. It disrupts your old stories, beliefs and limitations to pave the way for new, empowering mental programming that makes life changes SO MUCH EASIER. 

The specific journaling technique I teach you in this program can massively speed up your growth and has the potential to change your life. And you get this $197 program completely free as a bonus when you become part of the Empowered Life Formula Community.

"For the first time in my life I feel in control, empowered and able to live the life I have always dreamed. It seems silly but before Be Marvelous I found it easy to just go through the motions of what I thought should and would make me happy. Now just thought of that is painful because I am fully aware of what actually brings me joy!...Learning to love myself is the biggest take away from this program. I can honestly say I love myself. I love my flaws and quirks. I know what drives me and know what affects me negatively. My core values and desires are now established. Since I have established these core desires it is easier for me to stick to my goals and live the life I know I deserve...I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to have worked through the Be Marvelous course. The impact it has had on my life, relationships and career is remarkable. If you are ready to learn a lot about yourself and change your life in a fun, safe and caring environment you need to do Be Marvelous!"

Katie V

"This was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Kellsie truly taught me self-love and how to find happiness within. I would recommend this program to everyone and anyone!"

Lexi H

"Absolutely love the Be Marvelous You program! Kellsie is so great to work with, and she genuinely cares about your success. I definitely recommend BMY to everyone! "

Yoga Instructor


Take this Motivation and Excitement and Take the First Steps Into your Personal Development. Keep that momentum going and get started right away, watch your first lesson tonight! The Empowered Life Formula - Includes Bonus Mindset Reset!


When you do deep self identity work, we are able to uncover the pieces that need examination, healing and transformation. And it's almost never what we thought. Week 2 will begin to change our mindset and rewire our subconscious beliefs.


Learn real self-care and how to stop that mean inner critic that keeps telling you you're not good enough, that you're not worth it. Learn what it means to live authentically and with self love. Then we'll start shaping your future with vision and intent. 


We're going to cover all the practical topics like money beliefs, budget, health, food and fitness to put these things into action. Then we'll focus on healing past wounds, forgiveness and relationships. 

1:1 Private Coaching Might Not Be the Right Fit For You At This Time, the Several Months Commitment For Thousands Of Dollars. But You Know You're Ready For Some Big Changes In Your Life And You're Not Sure Where to Start. There Are So Many Books, Podcasts, Channels, Voices Etc. It Becomes Overwhelming and It Is Time for a Structure, Strategy, Path, Easy to Follow, All in One Place. That is What The Empowered Life Formula Does For You.

So Let Me Ask You, What is it that you want from your life? Is the path you're on right now taking you there? Would you like help getting there? CommitTo Start Changing Your Life. 

xx, Kellsie Louise

Join The Empowered Life Formula To Start Changing Your Life Today


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