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Your Message is Powerful

Have you ever listened to someone's story and feel totally moved by it?

Watched a movie, heard a Tedtalk, read a social media post that moved you? That made you feel impacted or inspired?

It's such an amazing feeling knowing that there is someone out there that you can relate with, that sensation of knowing that you're not alone.

And yet we so often hesitate to share our own story because we're afraid of the criticism and judgment that we might get from other people.

And to be honest, I've definitely been there myself and still have tons of stuff I haven't publicly shared yet.

BUT instead of holding back from a place of fear, I'm just now consciously choosing this unfolding, in my own time, because I know that what I've been through can help others. 

What you've been through, can HELP others. We get to choose our own timeline and keep things private if we want to, but we didn't go through these experiences in life to just struggle alone. Maybe there's a gift in the...

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Who You Should be Talking To in Your Videos

WHO do you think you should be talking to when filming your videos? 

🗣  Are you speaking to random people, scary strangers, your best friend, your mom..your dog?

Video is a very VALUABLE and EFFECTIVE tool to be visible and to connect with the world. That little lens dot in your phone is a massively POWERFUL PORTAL for your energy, your message and for what your soul is driving to share. 

It is not just an inanimate object you are speaking to, it is what is allowing you to speak to your people.

It is the primary means for most EFFECTIVE communication, marketing and relationship building that is available to us right now. 

That is why it is important to work on your RELATIONSHIP with the camera 📹  🎥  📽  to be able to GENUINELY share your energy, your message, your service and your product directly to your TARGET audience.

The idea of talking to the...

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How Businesses Convert More Customers Using Video

There's this interesting rule that's a 7%, 38%, 55% concept that's based on this Psychologist, Albert Mehrabian's, research that shows that meaning and speech is conveyed in these proportions. Tone of voice accounts for 38% of the way the audience perceives you, and body language accounts for 55% and words, what we say, accounts for just 7% That's it. That's a huge part of why video converts so much higher than static images or written posts alone, and why the delivery of your message matters significantly. 93% significantly to be exact..

A Maya Angelou quote says 

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Video converts so much higher than writing and images alone because of how it makes people feel. 

Using Video content is critical for the survival and growth of your business. But not just because storytelling is powerful and our energy creates connection; it's also...

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Video Marketing Tip for When You Feel Nervous Before Recording Your Video!

video presence Jan 29, 2021


No matter how prepared you are, getting in front of the camera can still make you feel nervous. So I want to share a video marketing tip with you on how to push the nervous energy out before recording your video. 😊 

Click on the image to find out how.

Building relaxation and loosening up will help you push out that nervous energy you feel before filming your video. We need to get a little bit messy first in order for us to get real!  

So if you ever feel your nerves spike before you hit record, remember to do these five simple steps.

Staying in our comfort zone can feel safe, easy and assuring. It’s ok to want to feel that level of security BUT if we stay there, we quite literally stop ourselves from growing, because nothing changes. It is when we are pushed out of our comfort zone that we discover what we are capable of because when we are challenged, we become stronger, more productive, more creative and more resilient than ever!

What is...

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